Monday, March 03, 2008

Black Coffee Mugs

With my Mr. Coffee going out I resorted to the plastic drip apparatus that fits over the coffee mug. It worked pretty well and fit snugly on most of the coffee mugs but one, which was my favorite mug. Oh well, it had to go. I also decided to sort through the other 12 mugs sitting on top of my desk. As I took them to the office kitchen for cleaning and recycling I noticed I couldn't tell whether the black coffee mug was clean at the bottom. As I at times leave a little coffee in the bottom of the mug and not wash it out if I'm in a hurry I had a brain fart! You can't tell if there's old coffee residue in the bottom of a black coffee mug. Coffee mugs should never be black or dark brown or any dark color on the bottom of the inside. Period!



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