Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday SXSW 3:30 Panel

My coffee run precluded me from getting a good seat for the XHTML presentation. In fact, I couldn't even get through the door. This one looked pretty good and from the attendance, would've been one to see. I then went next door and about seven people were in attendence for the RedSox blog presentation. Hmmm, time to move on. Went back to room 17AB for the We the Media: Dan Gillmor Presentation. The bandwidth still sucked in this room.

Journallist turned blogger maybe with something to say. The powerpoint needed some work. Maybe good examples so I continued listening. I saw the slide, "Foundation Principle, with a bullet that reads, My readers know more than I do." No shit. I packed up and headed out to a cumfy chair and to blog and use the time more wisely. Plus, it was time to put Malcolm's findings to work and make a snap judgement. Hopefully, a good one.


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