Saturday, March 12, 2005

SXSW - Keynote with Zeldman

First day of the conference and already I've seen the best presentation and the worst presentation. Zeldman's keynote should have been the first panel and Alexander Manu's presentation should've been the keynote. I would shout ARGH!, but I was able to see Mr. Manu's presentation so all is good. However, Zeldman's keynote was packed past standing room only and people were crawling over one another in the aisles and in any remaining space in the corners. Most of these people missed a very good Manu presentation.

This keynote was promoted as "gives his perspective on the current state of blogging, design and the web standards movement." Hardly in depth, it was mainly a gloss-over of all three items. | A List Apart | Happy Cog

This guy has a lot to say and it wasn't said here today. He mentioned he was upset about his wife not being able to attend and that must be why he spent all of twenty minutes on the plane creating his powerpoint.

Sidenote - the powerplugs in the keynote suite (17AB) were not working. There was a brew-ha-ha last year whether or not SXSW participants could juice up their laptops or not. The convention center finally allowed it and turned the juice back on for the plugs. This year it seems they may be selective over which plugs get juice. I need to check the other suites to see if the same thing is happening there or the one plug I've so far checked is out.

Oh well... on to the 4:00 free drink and then the 5:00 panel. More to come.


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