Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday SXSW - Keynote Malcolm Gladwell

Sitting room only again in room 17AB of the convention center. The network is funky and the SSID isn't correct when I boot up. Hmmmm.

Malcolm has no powerpoint and walks around the stage enlightening the audience with his findings on snap judgements; the basis of his book Blink.

Many, if not all of the examples spoke of in the presentation, can be found in Malcolm's book or in these notes.

Richard Posner's contrary view. Messenger-Inquirer contrary view.

Personally, I think there's a lot to be said that Malcolm brings forth and the examples he draws upon. I do believe that there are snap decisions made by each of us based on experiences through our lifetime and contributed from millions of years of DNA construction. But then again, this is a snap decision on my part and I'll have to look at more evidence. Or would Malcolm say I've already made my snap decision which will be the same as my researched decision and so I shouldn't waste my time. Now I'm confused. I think I'll trade this tall coffee for my free SXSW beer for the day.

Regardless, Malcolm was a good presenter and made me think. One of my four criteria items for a conference. Side note, it doesn't look good for the swag I mentioned earlier. It's another of my four required conference items. I didn't do a thorough walk-through of the tradeshow but the booths I did pass (80%) most had cheap pens, gum, Starbursts or nothing. More when I get a chance to really check it out.


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