Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bits - Sunday SXSW - 5:00 Panel

Open Source Infrastructure

Room's cold. Brrrr.

Network was funk again but once I grabbed another IP I was fine.

open APIs. Embracing open standards.

Tribecast - Canter Blog
foaf - ? code snippets, modules

It sounds like Martino (presenter has been hammered about his video blogging choice). I guess he chose the wrong one, maybe Windows Media Player. He says he selected the standard based on what his users wanted to use. Maybe. Maybe a media whore who will suck the MS teat to make a buck. What about you pick the one that's best, not the one that you think you'll sell your API to MS later on. And this panel was supposed to be Open Source. Infiltration of the Reds, the MS whores. Lock the doors.

Side note, just plugged in for juice and the plug's hot. So the defunct plug in 17ab was restricted to that room it looks like.

Marc Canter of OurMedia

Matt Mullenweg
who wrote WordPress

Paul Martino (Founder, CEO)

Side note - A woman two rows in front of me reached over her plug for juice. I saw where her juice plug lights up bright green when juice is flowing. That's a nice design element.

Back to the discussion. Paul Martino just got two more strikes against him. He said there's not a MySQL UI. There's plenty of them, maybe not the ones he wanted so that's what he should have said. Not that there's not a UI for mySQL. He also mentioned "Soup to Nuts". Hmmmm. Gladwell snap judgement here - he's a CEO and probably doesn't know what he's talking about as much as Marc or Matt. Gladwell's findings that over 30% of CEOs are 6' 2" or taller doesn't apply to Paul. Hmmm. What's going on here?

Off to the Web Awards.


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