Friday, June 24, 2005

Atoms - Flavored Water

Yesterday, I purchased a bottle of water at the grocery store. I usually fill a bottle with filtered tap water but having none in hand, I piced up a bottle to go with my sandwich. One bottle stood out from the rest. A bottle that you would use after all of the product is consumed, just to have a cool bottle design filled with filtered tap water. The bottler is MetroMint.

After drinking a few sips I paused. I've tasted this before. Hmmmmm. This tastes like mouthwash.

I've filled the bottle with filtered tap water now for three days and the mint still permeates the plastic as the water has a hint of mint.

Next up is the new Trek sports drink. I bet you tastes like Tang. It does come with an attached carabiner for $1.99.


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